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Tarot works as a mirror of energy that helps reflect the path you are currently on. It helps you see what you need to bring into alignment with yourself and your story in order to move forward in healing. 

Across this Earth, tarot has been a way to visibly see your energy and prepare you to forge a path of understanding humanity in your life. It aligns your intuition with your subconscious so you can move out of stalemate situations in your life. 

Each culture has a unique deck that speaks directly to their specific and collective beliefs. Tarot is a common language that connects us illuminates what surrounds us. 

Which leads me to ask you these questions...

What reflections need to be illuminated on your path in order for you to seek intuitive wisdom in your life?

What old energy needs to move out of your body that is still alive and unhealthy?

photo by  ashtin paige

photo by ashtin paige

photo by darling juliet

photo by darling juliet

photo by  ashtin paige

photo by ashtin paige

There are a variety of "spreads" used in tarot to receive answers. I use and mix classic spreads like The Celtic Cross and Body, Mind, Spirit with personal visions I receive in my Higher Self. 

Each person that sits across from me gets a fresh vision of the unique spread that is being shown to me. I lay out the cards for your energy journey to unfold, and I walk you through the translation.

Mixing visions and aura colors with tarot is what has really grown my practice as an energy reading artist.  I take everything into consideration as I unfold a reading with each client. 


If you have your own deck and are not sure where to start, Violet Guide offers one-on-one guided mentorships to help open the connection to your body, mind and spirit; to start the journey within yourself. 

I do a combination of reiki healing, the opening of your chakras, to move through blockages--opening the realm of the inner guide within yourself.

We can also set up bi-weekly consulting following the moon cycle to help grow more awareness and reconnect your entire self again.

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