reiki healing


"Reiki gently brings our spiritual journey into focus, and increases the natural flow of events and patterns of manifestation in our lives."

-Linda A. Rethwisch

Reiki is a practice that seeks you when you are ready for it. Once I started receiving reiki, each session felt like a huge fog had been lifted from my body. I started hearing my own voice again. I started seeing people clearly.
I recognized when it was time to move forward on my own path. 

At that point in my life, I was severely depressed and suicidal. I was at a complete stalemate with my life choices; left broken in my own ashes. Finally, I broke. I knew that I needed a huge change. At that moment, reiki came to me. 

I am honored to be part of the tradition of reiki, and to serve humanity in a way that reconnects us with the cosmos. 

photo by  ashtin paige

photo by ashtin paige

"Your sacred space is where you find yourself again and again."  

- Joseph Campbell

photo by ashtin paige

photo by ashtin paige

Unlocking yourself to the realms of the unknown is challenging for everyone. I have spent the majority of my life researching and experiencing spiritual activity. 

I always knew I was gifted in different ways than most humans: a star language that was placed inside of me. 

I finally had to stop running away from myself and lean into how I am supposed to use this gift. I am passionate and dedicated to helping others along my path.

photo by  ashtin paige

photo by ashtin paige

photo by  darling juliet

Medium experiences vary with each person, depending on the unique experience I have with their spirits. I have been interacting with spirits since I was a little girl, and honestly, I thought everyone saw or experienced them. I've had a wide variety of interactions, from peaceful energy to spirits that are still in turmoil. I use a blended approach to speak and reconnect with them; mostly following my intuition, visions and tarot. 

I work in the practice of clearing homes, if needed. Sometimes this means creating an altar space outside of the home. Sometimes spirits just need to be heard or seen and given permission to float along. 

In Reiki, spirit guides can come and cross over during sessions with their messages. Past loved ones may cross through as well. These are always beautiful exchanges for everyone involved. 

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