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Violet Guide is currently does online tarot, home visits and in Madison at VG House of Healing.

After a two years of slow growing Violet Guide, I have decided as a business and woman to change my own model that reflects my own belief system of health and awareness. 

First let me say that reiki and tarot changed my life. It woke me up from my own denial and illusions and shook me out of my slumbered life. It was the first time I had faced my true pain without hiding behind religion and faced myself. Tarots are our mirrored reflection of ourselves and reiki moves that blocked energy out of you. So, you can imagine the self detox that has been happening to me since I trusted that this is my true life path. Sure, I am a Sagittarius and have to try everything at least twice… but this is different. These are gifts that I need to honor. 

I came to this belief last year when I made life decisions that I knew were going to put me on the bottom again financially, but on the top in the sense of regaining my spirit. 

I took the risk.

I noticed that most people that wanted and needed guidance are the ones that are also suffering financially and would tell me they couldn’t afford me. So I started doing $20 pop ups to give a price point to lower income artists and people that need a life break. In my life, $20 might as well be $1,000 in it’s since of worth. 

That being said, I have decided to create a sliding scale price of  $20-60 for tarot and reiki for those who need it. If you want to give more because you are in a place to give more, thank you, but I am only requesting a $20 base price with the exact same giftings and time. I am going to trust my guides on this method and practice with what has been given and spoken to me. 

Our culture has tied our worth into how much we make and I do not agree with that outlook. We are human. We are alive. We are worth investing in to help break us into the next realm. 

I want to be a person and business that stays connected to the ground level of humanity. I don’t want to be a person that stays at the priced level of our culture because that is the standard. I want to be a healer because that is what I was put on this earth to do and I want to help those who truly need a break.

I’ve been that girl that just needs a break, and now because of your support and belief in me… I now have a home for you to come to so I can help you a break through inside your own bodied walls as well. 

Violet Guides House of Healing will be open December 11th but have adjusted my prices and calendar on my website now. 

May peace and love grow inside of your heart. May you treat others with kindness and equality.

Hayley Hayes of Violet Guide. 

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